When Janica Tujan joined Perth Realty Group in October 2023, she was touched by the support she received as a newbie to the real estate agency and industry. “I would like to thank John and the whole team for believing in me.”

By mentoring fresh talent, Perth Realty Group embraces the opportunity to mold the future of the industry with the next generation of real estate agents and property managers in Perth.

Janica certainly isn’t a stranger to customer service, however, bringing years of experience in dental insurance and working as a Virtual Assistant for financial advisors. These invaluable experiences taught her how to take a multi-dimensional approach while catering to the individual and task at hand.

Finding her foray into property management services a refreshing change, Janica has discovered the underlying motivation of real estate stems from the basic human necessity of finding a place to call home. Aspiring for a new spacious home and garden to share with her favorite people, as a Property Coordinator, she relates well to her clients’ needs.

As a fast learner with an avid sense of curiosity laced with excellent people skills, there’s no doubt Janica Tujan has a bright future ahead of her in real estate management.