Seller Advice

What Comes With Listing My Property Exclusively With Perth Realty Group?

Listing your property as an exclusive listing gives the right to sell your property through the listing agent and the listing agent only. Full responsibility is given to the sales agent; this may entitle the agent to receive commission if the property is sold during the given term of the acquiescent, even if you or another agent were responsible for the sale. Exclusive listings are marketed on a widespread scale, commonly used in residential property. euismod interdum ligula ultricies volutpat.

What Does An Agent Do At Homes Open?

An agent’s role at an open home is to effectively engage attendees to learn about what they may be looking to buy and what relevance your property has to them. By doing this, an agent establishes the current buyer interest in your property by marketing and showcasing what it has to offer. In saying this, it is important for buyers to view a property without pressure or being disturbed. A good agent will know when to choose suitable times for conversation.

How Should I Present My Property If I Am To Do A Home Open?

Ensuring your home is presented to the best possible standard is crucial in taking full advantage of the selling potential of your property. De-cluttering, tidying, cleaning and dusting your home and property will give a great first impression and allows the buyer to imagine themselves living at the property. Fixing small problems such as leaky taps and cutting back shrubbery reinforces that you as a vendor are motivated to sell your property.

Why Do I Pay For Extra Marketing?

An authentic real estate company is no different than any other business in that they are there to provide a service to make a profit. Budgets are used by most companies and cover a minimal advertising scheme while high profile companies like Perth Realty Group have a large marketing budget. Our budget sanctions for a certain level of marketing for each property but to ascertain your property is visually perceived by the maximum number of buyers we conventionally recommend some investment by the owner.