John Caputo

Real Estate Agent in Perth, WA

With over a decade of experience and as the Licensee of the leading real estate agency in Perth, WA, John Caputo’s energy levels are infectious. By placing the client at the centre of every transaction, he has a knack for drawing out precisely what is needed for a seamless and stress-free experience for all parties involved.

While the exchange of ideas comes naturally to John, his intimate knowledge of the real estate market has evolved from connecting with the right people in all aspects of the real estate process. His breadth of experience ranges from talking the lingo with settlement agents and advising on property management services to recommending the best painter to spruce up a property before going on the market.

As a well-respected member of the community and a family man, John understands the many tough decisions involved when buying or selling a property from both sides of the deal. “I know what it’s like selling your own home, which is often one of the most significant investments you can make. It gives me such joy when I’ve helped a client sell their property and find a new home in the most affordable and comfortable way possible.”

While John continues to forge his way forward in unprecedented times, his entrepreneurial and forward-thinking approach keeps him abreast of the latest trends. As a result, he is one of the few real estate agents in Perth who maintains transparency with the public. Through the @CaputoRealEstateTV (don’t forget to subscribe) YouTube channel and social networks, he leads the conversation regarding real estate by sharing tips, thoughts, ideas, and advice. He extends an open invitation to any professionals within the industry who would like to be interviewed or featured.

This abundance mentality sets John apart from his competitors. So, it’s hardly surprising to discover he has been ranked as one of the top-selling agents in the state. “I simply love selling real estate, and I start each day excited about what’s to come and doing the absolute best for each client.”

As one of Perth’s leading real estate agencies, Perth Realty Group covers all aspects of the industry, from property sales to curated property management services in Maylands, WA. If you’re considering embarking on a new real estate journey, John and his team of real estate agents are ready to help you take the next step. Contact our real estate agency today.


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